God’s business card

Does God still work in the world today? Do the words written thousands years ago still make sense? What is the church that Jesus wanted to see like and did something went wrong?

See what we have discovered!

God’s rescue plan for everybody – GOOD NEWS!

Listen to stories of people who got to know Jesus personally and got a completely NEW BEGINNING:


Jak jsem poznal Boha


Jak Ježíš proměnil můj charakter


Susanna tried hard to meet all the expectations that she thought people had. This brought her to a really lonely and depressed place. And then! She heard something that just hit her.


Alex was missing peace and love in his life. He couldn’t find it anywhere, in any religion. Until he met Christians, who introduced him to Jesus Christ.


Artem believed that there is an enternal love which never fails. But he had never really seen it. He lived in St. Petersburg until 18 years old, playing tennis professionally. After he became a coach he met a couple at the airport who told him how God changed their lives.

Miracle boy

Fiona and Toger were in the delivery room, praying for their little baby not to be born 3,5 months early. But the midwife said ‘There is no way back, you have to push’. Their son Timo was born extremely premature, weighting just 1 kilo. They knew that they had a choice. To panic or to trust.